¡Consejos y trucos del experto en belleza Boris Entrup!

Tips and Tricks from Beauty Expert Boris Entrup!

Tips and Tricks from Beauty Expert Boris Entrup!

wantedthe 04/07/2013 | 15:43

At Fashion Week, top makeup artists and makeup artists frolic behind the scenes, the perfect opportunity to discover special beauty secrets. We ask for you at L’Oreal Professionnel Academie – Maybelline’s makeup director has these tips and tricks: Boris Entrup, our darling editors Juliane and Silja reveal: you always look perfect!

Boris Entrup and his team are preparing the looks for Berlin Fashion Week at the L’Oreal Professionnel Academie for the upcoming fashion week. In the meantime, though, the star makeup artist has a few minutes for a short interview and talks about helpful beauty secrets that make everyday life easier.

Orange is particularly popular as a lipstick color this summer. Unfortunately, there are always shades that make teeth appear yellow. How is it best handled?

This has a lot to do with the color of your own skin and teeth. In any case, a lipstick must be tested individually. Several factors can play a role here: it differs from light to light, hellogenic office lights are quite unpleasant here and quickly make teeth appear yellowish. You may remember: the fresher and brighter an orange shade and the more bluish a lipstick is, the whiter your teeth will look. Someone with yellow teeth should keep their hands away from red and orange hues and not necessarily focus on the mouth area, but instead focus on the eyes and eyebrows.

Is there an absolute beauty that cannot be done for you?

Some women choose a makeup shade five times darker than their own skin tone. It is often forgotten that makeup is not there for tanning, makeup is there for great skin and an even, radiant complexion. If I want to tan, then you only look at the spots that are the first to be kissed by the sun, even with a natural tan: cheek, nose, chin and forehead, so that you have the touch of being in the Caribbean. state.

Every woman’s dream is a seductive look thanks to infinitely long lashes. Have a tip for real Klimper lashes?

When I’m on the subway or on the plane and I look left and right, I notice over and over that the outer lashes, lower lash line, and roots are not inked on most women. That is so important! Of course, the eyelash curler is indispensable for a perfect curve. But an artificial lash wave is great too, because you can save yourself the lash curler and the result lasts five to seven weeks. If you try a new mascara, you often wonder why the result is not as impressive as promised. But new textures also require new application techniques – technique is everything! In the end, the goal is to achieve the greatest effect with as few products as possible!