Stillprobleme durch die Brustwarzenform: Was tun?

Tips for Breastfeeding with Flat Nipples, Inverted Nipples, and Inverted Nipples

Stillprobleme durch die Brustwarzenform: Was tun?

Can a nipple shield help?

Women who have had trouble breastfeeding due to a flat or inverted nipple often wonder if a nipple shield could help. Basically, many style experts and authors view the liners quite negatively, as they can have a number of disadvantages. For example, they are suspected of preventing milk production. Also, the baby gets used to the cone at some point and then drinks less without a nipple cone.

Other experts consider the nipple shield to be a useful remedy for breastfeeding problems, especially when breastfeeding just doesn’t want to work naturally.

The following applies here: It always makes sense to try breastfeeding without a cone. If you are still having trouble breastfeeding, you can discuss other alternatives and the nipple shield with a lactation consultant. Get the right advice.

Proper care of flat, inverted and inverted nipples

Because nipples generally retract after breastfeeding, there are some care tips for special nipple shapes.

Make sure your nipple is always dry after breastfeeding. Otherwise, it can lead to inflammation; the same applies also after bathing or showering. Use a soft cloth to dry your nipples before they retract. Or you can try taking the retractor out for a few minutes to allow your nipple to air dry.

Also, change the nursing pads as soon as they are damp. Otherwise, bacteria can multiply and spread easily; otherwise infections can easily develop here as well.