"TKKG": FSK anuncia clasificación por edades para filmar la serie de culto

"TKKG": FSK Announces Age Ratings For Filming Cult Series

"TKKG": FSK announces age rating for filming cult series

We are still waiting for a good movie “TKKG”. Beginning June 6, 2019, attempt number 3 will be shown in theaters, which tells how the young detectives met. The age rating has been announced.

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The author of these lines, born in 1985, discovered that “The three ???” it got better and better, but so did the books and radio plays about amateur detectives. Tat, Karl, Kloess and GRAMaby are an indisputable great success. For the previous films, “Drachenauge” (1992) and “TKKG – The secret of the enigmatic mental machine”, however, this cannot be stated. The upcoming film, simply titled “TKKG,” is another attempt to establish the popular juvenile crime series in cinema. The film was released by the FSK from the age of six.

This means that the target group can go to the movies without any hindrance, and one or another “TKKG” fan is likely to be among their parents, who are likely to accompany them. The first five books appeared in 1979.

That’s what the movie “TKKG” is about

“TKKG” begins June 6, 2019. Even viewers who have not yet read a “TKKG” book or listened to a “radio play” should quickly find access to the story. Because the great Tim (Ilyes Moutaoukkil), the funny Willi (Lorenzo Germeno), the smart Karl (Manuel Santos Gelke) and the tough Gaby (Emma-Louise Schimpf) meet there. Tim and Willi, aka Klößchen, meet on their first day at boarding school and have trouble warming up together.

But when Willi’s father is kidnapped and a valuable statue is stolen from his art collection, Tim and Willi set out to search for clues. They get help from the stranger Karl and the police daughter Gaby …

First trailer for the movie “TKKG”