To dye

To dye

wantedon 06/27/2013 | 13:27

The coolest fashion bloggers in the world are once again showing themselves to the world and have set a trend that fashion magazines, catwalks and street style blogs can no longer imagine: Dip Dye! A foreign word for you? No problem, we will explain the trendiest hair trend from ombre hair to you and show you how you can easily get colored tips yourself.

A little color is allowed: Do you want a change, but don’t want to dye your entire mane right away, but highlights are too boring for you? Then we have the perfect hair trend for you: To dye! For this casual and individual look, you can dye the ends of your hair a brightly colored color and make them look like they’ve just been “dipped” briefly in the paint pot – you already have the bloggers’ favorite look on! your head! Wondering what is the difference between Dip Dye and Ombre Hair? The magic word is contrast! With ombre hair, the hair on the ears slowly becomes lighter, a natural color gradient is the key to this on-trend look. The inspiration for this comes from cool surfer girls whose hair has been bleached from the salt water and the sun. While there is always a bit of that Christmas feeling with ombre hair due to the smooth transition of colors, the contrast with the dip dye can’t be bright enough: The colors with which you put your tips on stage have to be bright and luminous, naturalness is not maximum here. Because with the dip dye trend, your hair should look like you’ve accidentally dipped it in a paint pot.

Kesha loves the dip dye look

Dip dye: rainbow for everyone

There are no limits to your imagination, there are no limits to the color scale: Green, blue, pink – whatever you want is allowed! However, you should make sure that the color of the dip dye also matches your skin and hair tone and your style. For lighter hair, bright colors like pink are suitable, with darker hair, darker colors like blue are best suited. Are you light skinned? So you should use cool colors when it comes to dip dyes, these let your ends shine and create exciting contrasts to your hair color. Are you more of a darker type? Next, dip the tint tips in shades of green or orange that are just right for you. Also, your outfit plays an important role in terms of dip dyeing, because in the ideal styling case, the color of your ends can be found on your clothes – this is how the hair trend becomes a fashion statement! ! Hollywood ladies Drew Barrymore, who combines black tips with blonde hair, Kate Bosworth, who matches her outfit with her blue tips, and Lauren Conrad, who likes to surprise with a new dye color depending on the look, also know that Dip Dye-Look has the potential to become a longtime favorite when it comes to hairstyle.

Dip dye: do it yourself!

Do you want to be as casual and modern as the creme de la creme of Hollywood? No problem at all, so the good thing about the dip dye trend is: Depending on your mood, you can put your tips in the spotlight and change the color over and over again, without much effort! Because with painter’s chalk or colored powder you can easily reproduce Dip Dye at home. You can get the colored powder from a hairdresser or directly from your favorite hairdresser. The powder is easy to apply and gives you a fresh, eye-catching look until your next hair wash. Since it is lightened again, the powder color is perfect for all the girls who want to slowly follow the dip dye trend without going straight to permanent hair color. You can also conjure up cool dip dye tips without compromise with oil-free painter’s chalk, which you can buy at a stationery or craft store. To do this, simply dip the chalk in some water and then run it through your hair. If the color doesn’t hold well, you can moisten your hair a bit. And don’t worry, the appearance of the dip dye doesn’t depend on perfection – the more unevenly distributed the color, the fresher the look! For your dip dye experiment, you should definitely put on an old t-shirt and take sensitive objects to safety, because painting your hair turns into a real color frenzy – splashes and smudges included! Once the paint has dried, it should not rub off, unless it gets caught in a rain shower. Because the painter’s chalk dip dye look only lasts until the next hair wash, be it in the shower or in the rain.

Dip dye: let the color professional do the work

Have you decided on a color and want to wear it permanently? No problem, then you can make the look of the dip dye conjure up with long-lasting color. However, you should leave the coloring of your advice to the hairdresser you trust! Depending on how dark and thick your hair is, the ends should be bleached before the color treatment so that the color can pick up steam. A professional can mix the right whitening and great color in no time to achieve the perfect dip dye look, and when you’re up to date, you’ll know this look is only perfect when it’s wonderfully imperfect. If you have seen enough of one color you can easily switch to another, but the professional has to deal with this too, otherwise you will quickly have unsightly color stains on your hair instead of a cold tint. Dip dye shouldn’t be so imperfect!

There are many trends in hair, especially when it comes to color, that women are hesitant to tackle. Dip dye is also a great look for the undecided, because you can try the trend with chalk and the like without taking any chances! No matter what color you choose, one thing is guaranteed: with Dip Dye you will turn heads and steal the show from even the trendiest of fashionistas.Image source: gettyimages / Jason Merritt