Tokio Hotel: el primer bebé de la banda ha llegado

Tokio Hotel: the band’s first baby has arrived

Tokio Hotel: the band's first baby has arrived

Pope Gustav

Daniel Schmidton 05/27/2016 | 11:04

Son of the drummer of the band Tokio Hotel! Gustav Schäfer became a father. The proud dad shared his baby’s first small photo on Instagram.

Children in Tokio Hotel: Gustav is a proud father

Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav were teenagers, not much more than children, when they became superstars almost overnight with their mega hit “Durch den Monsun.” The success, especially with girls and young women, was so great that especially the leader Bill Kaulitz and his twin brother Tom had to move to the United States to be able to go out on the streets undisturbed. Therefore, Tokio Hotel has been silent for some time, even though Bill Kaulitz now even acts as a soloist.

But now there is finally good news from the band again, but not of a musical kind, because Tokio Hotels drummer Gustav Schäfer has become an almost unnoticed father to the outside world. On his private Instagram account, the musician shared an image of his newborn baby’s small hand holding his. He has not yet revealed whether Gustav has become the father of a daughter or a young son. Furthermore, the name of the new citizen is unknown.

Bump for Valentine’s Day

Gustav Schäfer had already announced the upcoming birth of his baby on Valentine’s Day. He also showed off his partner’s round tummy on Instagram and wrote, “My second Valentine’s love is on the way.”

By the way, the identity of the new mom is secret. Gustav apparently values ​​his private life and therefore rarely talks about it in general. All that can be said for sure is that the lucky man is slightly older than Gustav. The drummer already revealed that in 2009.

Congratulations to Gustav and the newcomer’s mother. Of course, we expect Tokio Hotel 2.0 to be founded in 15 years at the latest.

Image Source: GettyImages / Clemens Bilan