Tom Hanks: ¿su matrimonio está a punto de terminar?

Tom Hanks: Is your marriage about to end?

Tom Hanks: Is Your Marriage About To End?


wantedthe 02/06/2015 | 12:28

Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson have been married for more than two decades, but their happiness seems to be shattering. For some time, rumors about the separation of the couple have been circulating, because it is said that Tom Hanks is addicted to control and, therefore, increasingly puts his marriage in danger.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were married 26 years ago; It was followed by a scandal-free marriage that resulted in two children. But even though the two actors always seemed happy together, now it seems like they have bigger problems than expected. Rumors of separation have been circulating lately. Last year there was already intense speculation about a divorce between the two stars.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson allegedly have marital problems

A source told “Star” magazine that Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are now near the end of their marriage “:Their marriage is on the brink and it is only a matter of time before it falls apart. You can literally feel the constant tension between Tom Hanks and Rita. They have recovered for years. But now they have reached a point where they can no longer deny it. “

Tom Hanks is only supposed to play a role

So the marriage between Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson won’t last long. The supposed informant also supposedly knows exactly why it wouldn’t work between the two stars. Tom Hanks is only supposed to imitate the charming boy next door for the media and in his roles. He continues to report: “He runs the house with a cold hand. Tom is a control freak and he’s not the nice guy he pretends to be in public.Tom Hanks himself has yet to comment on the rumors. But the spokesperson for the couple has a clear stance on speculation: “What else can you say about it? This, of course, is total nonsense.

Clear words are what the Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson spokesperson chooses for the rumors. Keeping a marriage in the limelight may not always be easy, but the couple have done very well so far. It would be a shame if there was something to the speculation. Image Source: Getty Images / Chris Jackson