Tom Hiddleston: ¿Vida diferente debido a Taylor?

Tom Hiddleston: Different life because of Taylor?

Tom Hiddleston: Different life because of Taylor?

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The star of “Avengers”, Tom Hiddleston, does not hide that he has a crush on Taylor Swift. Only recently, after accusations of a public relations stunt, did he emphasize that the relationship with the singer was real. Now the groom talks about how the romance affected his life as a famous actor.

Tom Hiddleston

And so many things can be revealed: Tom Hiddleston cannot distinguish particular differences, as he reveals in an interview with the “Hollywood Reporter”. “We all live in a world where every cell phone has a camera and there is really nothing new about me in the limelight. I think that happens when you’re a public figure, ”the actor apparently calmly explains about his summer romance with Taylor Swift and the speculations about it. In recent weeks, the clever Brit has grown from a popular mime among movie connoisseurs to a gossip press darling because of his newfound love.

But: be it about the performer of “Bad Blood” or other things of private life, the public interest is not always easy to bear, as Tom Hiddleston has also pointed out. “I learned that there are many sides to a story and that sometimes there are many stories that are wrong,” says the 35-year-old. And how does Loki’s actor handle it? “The hardest thing is trying to keep these lies from affecting your life,” Hiddleston said.

New to Instagram

That Tom Hiddleston, ultimately, not be too shy with the public and their interests, speaks for his new Instagram account, which he created only last week. So far, two photos grace the profile of the “The Night Manager” star, and here too, he doesn’t hide his affection for Taylor Swift! Of course, their only 17 subscriptions also include the beautiful 26-year-old. The heartthrob should still have some plans with the presence of Instagram, because: Hiddleston agrees when the interviewer of “Hollywood Reporter” pointed out that he could use social networks to repeatedly share his point of view.

We really appreciate Tom Hiddleston’s no-nonsense way and cool way he’s interested in himself, and we’re looking forward to more new Instagram pics of the hottie!

Image Source: Getty Images / Stuart C. Wilson