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As many of you know, I immortalized Lilli and Lotte and once both of them together on a children’s art canvas by Zimmerlein. And so that we continue to have equality, it was time to also bring Tom to the screen.

Micha and I gave each other this fourth piece of art for Tom’s first birthday. Because we also celebrate this day for us as parents. Because we’ve been triple mom and triple dad for a year. At the same time, it is also a gift for Tom. He is allowed to take the “relic” with him one day.

Tom on canvas (9)

who Zimmerlein Children’s Artwork I still don’t know or still don’t know how everything works, I would like to explain everything to you briefly:

First of all, send a request to dear Nadine (preferably via Facebook). If you have time and air, discuss the size of the screen and also how many faces need to be immortalized on the screen (a boy or siblings).

Then you get a canvas of the desired size and let your child / children brush and dry it creatively. I always find the hands and prints particularly cute.

Tom pint (2)

Tom pint (3)

To paint, we always use a perfectly normal inkwell and look for a suitable or harmonious pair of colors beforehand so that the image does not end up too colorful or completely black.

By the way, our canvases have a size of 50 x 70 cm.

Tom pint (5)

Tom pint (4)

Tom pint (6)

After painting, please let the canvas dry, then send it back to us. Zimmerlein Children’s Artwork. Also, you can send Nadine any portrait you want by email.

Nadine then implements her own wishes in a wonderful and individual way. As soon as the job is done, return the finished canvas. Until then, I’m full of anticipation, I’ll tell you! : D

Tom on canvas (3)

And when the screen is finally there, you’re as happy as a honey cake horse!

Tom on canvas (5)

Tom on canvas (2)

Tom on canvas (4)

The wonderful canvas is now in our gallery. =)

Tom on canvas

Tom on canvas (6)

As always, I am absolutely thrilled!

Tom on canvas (8)

Tom on canvas (7)

I am really happy that Tom has been immortalized and can only say: Such a special and personal memory is really worth every penny.

I am curious to know how you like the canvas! Tom is really wonderful! It’s like a copy of the photo that I sent with him. Somehow more beautiful. =)

I am waiting for comments!

All the best,

your Mari

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