Tommy Hilfiger quiere vestir a Lady Gaga

Tommy Hilfiger wants to dress Lady Gaga

New stylist?

wantedon 02/15/2013 | 09:32

Anyone who thought that Tommy Hilfiger and Lady Gaga did not go together in fashion was probably wrong: the American designer, known for his traditional and classic fashion, would like to dress the eccentric Lady Gaga.

American brand Tommy Hilfiger is known for its polo shirts and braided patterns, a style that really doesn’t suit an eccentric singer like Lady Gaga. But designer Tommy Hilfiger apparently sees it very differently.

Will designer Tommy Hilfiger soon dress up pop diva Lady Gaga?

I’d like to see Lady Gaga in my clothes, I would like to invent them one day, “revealed Tommy Hilfiger to” BANG Showbiz. ” “I like it clean, but I always like to make it new, fresh and different.. Everything that is colorful and bright, but with a new shape and new fabrics, not neat, as one might have imagined in the past. I like to keep everything new and fresh. “

Tommy Hilfiger deviates from his style for Lady Gaga

For Lady Gaga, Tommy Hilfiger would even deviate from her traditional style and delve into the eccentric box. the Inspirations for classic style Meanwhile, the successful designer draws on his own childhood. “Sincerely, I always stayed with what inspired me first of all To write my name on a clothes line The clothes that I was raised in, that I wore and understood, ”explains Tommy Hilfiger. “I played Baseball and soccer In a children’s league, I went ice skating and skiing with the family … I was with the boy scouts. I guess the life I led as a child has created an aesthetic in me that has ultimately contributed to my flawless designs in recent years. ” But how do you combine baseball, skiing, and scouting with Lady Gaga?

If Tommy Hilfiger were to dress Lady Gaga, it would not only be something special for the designer, but also for the singer; usually only other eccentrics like Jean Paul Gaultier or Charlie Le Mindu can design it.Image Credit: TOSHIFUMI KITAMURA / AFP / Getty Images / STAN HONDA / AFP / Getty Images