Toni es el Next Top Model 2018 de Alemania

Toni is Germany’s Next Top Model 2018

After many weeks of suspense, one of Heidi Klum’s girls finally received the title “Germany’s Next Top Model 2018”: 18-year-old Toni from Stuttgart showed it to everyone in the GNTM final and competed against her peers campaign. Christina, Pia and Julianna in force. After Christina, one of the biggest favorites, had to say goodbye first, the shaking game continued for the other girls.

In the last few weeks, Toni was able to convince clients about all of the candidates and thus won job after job. And Heidi also repeatedly emphasized on the final show what a huge fan he was of hers. But was it a deserved victory from the start? Because although she has always been one of the first in recent months, her performance in the final seemed to slacken a bit.

New attempt at vertical walking – not everyone has used it

That night, Heidi’s girls went downhill again (we remember the dizzying walks in episode nine). But not all of them took the opportunity to demonstrate a good ride again. Toni was one of the worst in our eyes. As Pia and Julianna dominated the task with disdain, stage fright seemed to win over the 18-year-old. It’s a shame that Pia had to say goodbye.

These are the live acts of the GNTM final

Of course, there was also enough entertainment. So that the audience could expect great musical shows. Together with the world star Rita prays, who performed her latest song “Girls,” was also enthusiastic Shawn mendes with his hit “In my Blood”. The show’s photoshoot followed along with the singer’s appearance. Wincent weiss instead, who was supposed to pose sexy with Toni and Juli. And here, too, the 18-year-old native didn’t seem to come out of herself.

However, in the end it was enough to convince Heidi. Toni received the title “Germany’s Next Top Model 2018”.

Top 19 candidates for the GNTM walk

As in previous years, Top 20 on the catwalk – or rather the top 19. Because one thing was different this year! A model was missing: Victoria of Vienna. She probably broke up with Heidi and ProSieben in a pretty negative way and is therefore the first candidate who has managed to get out of the ProSieben contract from the beginning. On his private Instagram account, he reported: “So you know now officially: I will not be in the GNTM final and I will not do anything with ProSieben in the future either. Personally, I don’t feel like selling myself as much as they planned. “ Violent words from Victoria, who had to leave the program as the eleventh. Of course, we don’t know if it’s just an insulted liver sausage talking about her, or if something really stupid has happened.