Belleza look "topless": la tendencia hacia los ojos desnudos

Topless look beauty: the trend towards naked eyes

Beauty look "topless": the trend towards naked eyes

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For most women, it is natural to use eye shadow, eyeliner, and strong mascara as part of their daily beauty routine. Without this makeup, many women even feel so “neglected” that they are reluctant to go public without it. Now, however, it is precisely this nude look that is being chosen by brands such as 3.1 Phillip Lim as the latest beauty trend. In favor of a particularly natural look, makeup artists responsible for fashion shows simply put eye makeup aside. You can discover here and in the photo to show how this “topless” trend looks on the catwalks and what makes it so special.

Topless away from home? Unthinkable for many women. This applies not only to a lack of clothing on the upper body, but also to a makeup look in which the eyes remain completely naked. Because it makes many feel almost so unattractive. In their fashion shows, designers show that this natural look is in fashion now.

The “topless” look on the catwalk

The look of natural makeup on the eyes was just noticed at 3.1 Phillip Lim’s show at New York Fashion Week. There, the models wore their eyes conspicuously without attracting attention, without colored eyeshadows, flashy eyeliner or voluminous lashes. On the contrary: it almost seemed as if some of the lashes had been deliberately powdered so that they disappeared completely from the face. The complexion was generally natural, only a slight hint of pink blush was visible on the cheeks. The lipstick color, on the other hand, was even more eye-catching: a sultry, almost gloomy burgundy red glistened on the models’ lips and of course stood out thanks to the otherwise very reserved makeup.

Other brands also seem to agree on makeup and have stated that the naked look in the eyes is a trendy beauty trend. Emporio Armani had her models in Milan walk the runway with “naked” eyes, similar to 3.1 Phillip Lim, but she also brought some color into play with a cool shade of pink on her lips.

Michael Kors, on the other hand, focused his interpretation of the nude look on a fresh, rosy complexion. The cheeks of the models were made up with a light bronze tone, which gave the face a lively freshness despite the lack of eye makeup and lipstick. Similarly, the beauty look could also be seen on the Cedric Charlier runway. In addition to a slightly toned down bronze tone on their cheeks, the models sported a soft apricot glow on their lids, which only became apparent on closer inspection.

The Gucci and Lacoste labels left it completely “natural”: the use of colored products or contouring products was not evident in the eyes, lips or the rest of the face. With a bit of foundation and a mattifying powder, only a light porcelain complexion was modeled.

The suitability of the trend for everyday wear.

For those who don’t feel fully “dressed” during the day without their eyes made up, this beauty trend will certainly take some getting used to. But since the eyes and especially the eyelashes enjoy a little break from the constant stress of applying and removing makeup every day, we should be taking a day topless here and there.

If you want to give a chromatic balance to your naked eyes, you can take runway looks as a model and wear a striking color on your lips or a flattering bronze or pink tone on your cheeks, for example. If, on the other hand, you do not want the eyes to remain completely colorless, do it like the makeup artists of the Cedric Charlier label and only apply a soft and discreet shade of eyeshadow such as beige or apricot on the upper lids to achieve the look. nude. it must be met at least in half.

In our photo show, we show you again the most beautiful naked eye beauty looks from 3.1 Phillip Lim, Emporio Armani, Michael Kors and Co.

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