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Tori Spelling is desperately searching for her dog

Mitzi is gone!

Birte immethe 22/09/2015 | 13:11

First the marriage crisis and now this: shortly after Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott finally calmed down, the actress has to fight on an entirely different front. Your dog Mitzi is missing!

The little terrier mix apparently went missing last Tuesday in Calabasas, Los Angeles, a huge blow for Tori Spelling. After all, the former “Beverly Hills, 90210” actress is a huge animal lover and repeatedly pulls four-legged and two-legged friends out of the animal shelter. Even a pig, a male goat and several chickens have found a new home thanks to their love of animals, but now Tori Spelling needs help.

Tori Spelling’s dog is missing

Of course, she would like to be able to hug her beloved dog Mitzi as quickly as possible, and desperately turns to her Facebook and Twitter followers. “Please help,” she begs and describes her suffering again: “The dog in our family, Mitzi, has disappeared. Please pass it on. It’s September 15th. disappeared in Calabasas. It has a necklace, but unfortunately with incorrect information. You need medication! Tori Spelling reports.

Tori Spelling loves Mitzi more than anything

She and her loved ones would not ask any questions if they only brought Mitzi and additionally they would give a reward to whoever found her. The mother of four wants her little darling, who has already been seen with her in television productions, to be safe at home soon, no matter what has happened before. And so that everyone knows what the dog looks like, who weighs not even three kilos, it also provides an image and an exact description of Mitzi: white all over her body, with sweet brown spots on her face.

One can only hope that someone has found the cute four-legged friend and is also willing to bring him back to Tori Spelling safely. Fingers crossed in any case!

Image source: © Getty Images / Alberto E. Rodríguez