IKEA Tradfri: la conexión WiFi llegó a Alemania después de siglos

Tradfri on hold: Ikea’s smart plug is also delayed

IKEA Tradfri: WiFi connection came to Germany after centuries

Ikea products in the smart home area are lagging again and again, this also applies to the furniture giant’s smart plug.

Ikea Germany has a problem. The market launch of the new Tradfri hardware has been drastically postponed for years. And who would have thought that, even the cheap smart plug is delayed again. According to Ikea, a plug with the Zigbee standard available for only € 9.99 should cause such problems with certification in Germany that the offer in this country could even be delayed by a whole year.

Ikea Tradfri: Inexpensive smart home with delivery issues

End of 2020 instead of April 2019. The question arises as to why Ikea has to struggle with such problems in the first place. But that doesn’t get us any further at this point. It would only be possible for you to bring the smart plug to Germany on your next vacation. The can is already available in some countries, including the Netherlands and Austria.

Fyrtur and Kadrilj smart blinds and roller blinds had already been delayed for a long time, and there were similar problems with various LEDs in recent years.

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