Trailer tambien "A la mierda la fama" con Uffie: entre la fiesta, la barriga y la depresión

Trailer too "Fuck fame" with Uffie: between the party, the belly and the depression

Anna “Uffie” Hartley is living her dream, but soon realizes that it comes at a price. But how do you face, as an Internet star, a life between pressure for success and family happiness? Here’s the trailer for “Fuck Fame”:

After her hit “Pop The Glock,” Anna Hartley’s life changed completely in one fell swoop. Under the name of Uffie became an internet phenomenon almost overnight – the 31-year-old is now known as an icon of electronic rap. But the meteoric rise came at a price: To cope with pressures from the music industry, social media, and other side effects of her success, she eventually became addicted to drugs.

Uffie enjoys her life to the fullest and always does what she wants to do; the birth of your child doesn’t change that either. Only after his mother’s untimely death and a near-fatal overdose does he have to realize that something is seriously wrong in his life.

Following their award-winning documentary “Pianomania” about Steinway & Sons Chief Technician and Master Tuner, Robert Cibis and Lilian Franck have teamed up again to deal with a person’s story in “Fuck Fame – The Story of Electropop Icon Uffie ”. whose life is about music. In the movie trailer, fans of the electric giant already have their first exclusive glimpses behind the scenes: The full film will be shown in German cinemas from June 13, 2019.

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