"Transformadores 3": La serie continúa con tanta acción

"Transformers 3": The series continues with so much action

"Transformers 3": The series continues with so much action

“Transformers 3,” which is now on television, was followed by the equally brutal “Transformers 4: Era of Doom” and “Transformers 5: The Last Knight.” In the spin-off “Bumblebee” things were calmer, but in “Bumblebee 2” there should be more clashes again …

Paramount Pictures (director Michael Bay gives it his all on the set of “Transformers”)

Director Michael Bay went from the movie “Transformers” to the movie “Transformers” less quality and more destruction: who thinks that the battle for Chicago in “Transformers 3” has reached the highest level of noise has “Transformers 4: Era of extinction “not yet seen. After “Transformers 5,” however, the producers decided they wanted to give it a try with a little more heart. The endless battles of “The Last Knight” just weren’t successful enough at the box office. In the much cheaper “Bumblebee” prequel to the friendly yellow-black Robo, it was primarily about friendship and only secondarily about knocking on the door.

But the problem of the series could not be solved so simply. “Bumblebee” is better for us than “Transformers 5”, it was also better received by other critics and the conclusion is that Studio Paramount should have cost less money – However, it was by no means the expected box office success.

For whatever reason, the following lesson was learned in the studio: audiences don’t want as much action as in “Transformers 5,” but not as little action as in “Bumblebee.” In the next heist movie, “Bumblebee 2,” more things are supposed to fly again (but not too much!). Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura put it this way:

A little more of Bayhem

“Now we know that we have the freedom to tell almost any story. And we saw how strongly the audience identified with the characters and their emotions. But in the next movie […] we want to mix ‘Bumblebee’ and the Bay movies. So a little more Bayhem. But also a little more of the character that the public fell in love with “.

Of course, the last phrase was coined in Bumblebee. In the spinoff sequel, which, by the way, has yet to be released in theaters, he is supposed to have another very popular robot by his side: the wise master transformer Optimus Prime.

This is a minimally updated version of a previous article that we published on the occasion of today’s telecast of “Transformers 3” (ProSieben, 8:15 pm).