Auch im bayerischen Alpenvorland gibt es nur noch wenige Hebammen

Travel warning for pregnant women in Germany

Be careful with Sylt

The “danger zones” for pregnant women include regions of parental initiative that are already affected by staff shortages in delivery rooms or have even had to do without maternity wards for some time. This also includes the Bavarian foothills of the Alps or the German coastal regions in the North and Baltic Seas. Both are popular travel destinations within Germany. The situation is particularly critical on Sylt, for example. There, as in many other German islands, there is no longer its own midwifery. The women there have to go to the mainland to give birth.

“Anyone who drives Sylt in advanced pregnancy risks having their child on the car train on the mainland,” Desery says. But even in large metropolitan areas such as Berlin or Munich, the situation is far from relaxed. In many clinics the doors are closed when too many women have to be cared for. Then some pregnant women are referred to the nearest clinic. This was also confirmed to us by press spokesperson Nina Martin from the Association of German Midwives.