Bahncard, Bahncard25, BC, Bahn

Travel with us: the Bahn offer launches the Bahncard after you

Bahncard, Bahncard25, BC, Bahn

It was not just sex workers and retailers who suffered from the restrictions due to Corona. That’s why Deutsche Bahn had already thought about deals in the summer of how it could motivate more people to travel. That is why the Bahncard 25 is offered on Deutsche Bahn in October.

The circumstances surrounding the corona virus appear to have had a negative impact on Deutsche Bahn. After we couldn’t leave home for months, few people felt like taking the train even after the first wave. Its trains are currently only 40 percent full, a spokesperson said in an interview with the funke media group. Otherwise, the trains are probably more than half full on average. With an offer, the Bahncard 25 for less than half the normal price, Deutsche Bahn would like to make train travel more interesting again.

Offer or not: What can the Bahncard do?

In October a discount card is offered for the whole of Germany: 24.90 instead of 54.60 euros. With the Bahncard you will save on all Deutsche Bahn trips. That means you can travel with ICE, EC, many regional trains, and even S-Bahns 25 percent cheaper. With the high prices of train tickets, you can quickly recover the price of the Bahncard.

The Bahncard is valid for one year in the same way as usual. Typically, like a subscription, Deutsche Bahn assumes you want one for the following year. So keep an eye out for the notice period. In addition to the Bahncard 25, there is the Bahncard 50, with which you save 50 percent on the ticket, but you cannot use it when you book all train tickets. Furthermore, Deutsche Bahn has, for example, a Bahncard 100 for travelers, with which you can travel for free for a year, for almost 4,000 euros.

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