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Trendy Double Bun Hairstyle – Cool or Childish?

Trendy Double Bun Hairstyle - Cool or Childish?

Double bun

The 90s called, they want their hairstyle back! But models like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid are no longer giving up the double bun, also called a space bun. The double bun is hotter than ever! Make your own decision: does the hairstyle look modern and cute, or is it just childish?

As already mentioned, the hairstyle is not new. Already in the 1990s, the hairstyle was absolutely popular with the stars and adolescent teenagers. And last year Kendall Jenner could be seen walking around with the hairstyle. In 2017 you can see the double bun not only fully tied, but also in a kind of half bun version with the open ones, as you can see here:

If one bun is too boring for you, make two! The classic double bun hairstyle, which is somewhat reminiscent of Mickey Mouse ears or a memory look from Princess Leia, is already an absolute favorite of Kendall Jenner and her It-Girls clique. And as we know, what you wear quickly becomes an exaggeration for everyone.

The Good: The on-trend hairstyle couldn’t be easier to copy. If you want a double bun, simply divide your loose hair into two parts with a center part. Now twist both strands into a bun and tie them at the sides with hair ties. A few bobby pins can also help keep everything in place. The double bun is ready!

Here you can see again three variants of the double bun to reshape:

And here you can see the version of the double bun with half hair:

A double bun can be done quickly and is therefore the ideal hairstyle for every day. What do you think of the trend hairstyle? Are you already spinning and knotting it yourself or is the look not for you?

Image Source: Getty Images / Matt Winkelmeyer

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