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Trendy Hairstyle Pot Cut – Are You Brave Enough?

Trendy Hairstyle Pot Cut - Are You Brave Enough?

Childhood trauma

When I was five, my dear mom had the great idea to gift me a new hairstyle (very contemporary in the mid-90s!): ​​A haircut that made me look like a son of the Beatles. To this day, I have not gotten over this hairstyle trauma. Consequently, my attitude towards the current trend of the pot cut, which has recently been called the much cooler “bowl cut”. But it can also look very classy if you combine it correctly and have a beautiful head shape.

An image from my childhood, well, almost.

What makes the pot cut, uh bowl cut?

Today, the pot cut can often be admired in young children, in whom it can also be very cute. But now more and more grown women are getting this special haircut, and I have to admit, it looks pretty cool if you’re the type to do it. The name “pot cut” is no coincidence: in the past, pots and bowls were actually used as tools to give hair the same length all around. The result was a hairstyle that virtually frames the head, like a pageboy’s head.

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Who is the cut pot?

It is true that the pot cut is not exactly the favorite look that men want in women. But if you don’t mind this fact, you have a confident style and you like to stand out, you can dare to step on or cut. Oh yeah, but one more thing: As always, these special hairstyles generally only suit oval faces. Also, a nice slim neckline so the cut doesn’t look too masculine. If you have a round or square face, you should keep your hands away from the pot cut as it can make it look even wider and make you look like a kid from the Middle Ages rather than a trend conscious woman.

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More style tips for cutting pots

  • The texture of your hair should be smooth and not too fine so that your hair is very straight.
  • If you are bored with your cut, you can also casually style your hair up.
  • If you like the hipster look, the bowl cut is perfect for you.
  • Advantage: If you want your hair to grow back longer, they are all the same length, which is a great requirement.
  • The potted cut stands out in bright, modern colors:

In this life, no one will give me a marijuana cut and I would avoid it for my son. But as always, the style is purely a matter of taste – if it fits the type, I don’t think the cut is that bad. However, there are always so-called “trends” that not everyone dares and that, therefore, are hardly noticed; we certainly won’t see the pot cut as often in the future as, say, balayage colored hair.

What do you think of the new and old trend of marijuana cutting? Do you feel like me or would you like to try the haircut? Tell me in the comments!