Batería enorme, poco dinero: otro OnePlus debería aparecer este año

True wireless earbuds: we expect the OnePlus Buds in July

Huge battery, little money: another OnePlus should appear this year

We had the appointment a week ago, now we also have a name. The OnePlus Buds are coming soon and are causing a stir in the tech world.

God knows where the man got that from, but we trust him and his anonymous source again. According to AllAboutSamsung’s Leaker Max J., OnePlus’ first true wireless earbuds (TWS) are finally about to be released.

Z: the next OnePlus smartphone not until summer

OnePlus Buds: Concept Drawing with Charging Case

He had revealed it to us indirectly a week ago, indirectly at least. There were the contours of the earbuds, which are also quite similar to the Apple AirPods, along with the alleged release date. Under the tweet, fans were already speculating if it was TWS from OnePlus. A similar looking image followed at noon today, this time the ear buttons in a nearly round charging case, with the addition of “Buds.”

So we’re putting everything on one card and we suspect, like the rest of the tech world, that it must logically be the OnePlus Buds, which will be unveiled in July. By the way, the OnePlus Z should be presented at the same time. That would mean that in the first 7 months of 2020, OnePlus will introduce three smartphones, a steep run for a brand for which purchase invitations were initially sent. In addition to the OnePlus 8 (Pro) already released, the OnePlus X could also make a comeback.

OnePlus X is ready to celebrate its return as a new series of smartphones

OnePlus Buds: just a different label for Oppo headphones?

If you take a behind-the-scenes look at the Chinese manufacturers, you can quickly see the connections – like Oppo, OnePlus belongs to parent company BBK Electronics. MobiFlip’s colleague Oli concludes that the OnePlus Buds could well be a relabelled product that is already in circulation. The Oppo Enco Free arrived recently and is currently around 100 euros. We suspect a similar price category for the OnePlus Buds.