Tugce: delincuente condenado

Tugce: convicted criminal

Tugce: convicted criminal

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Regardless of whether you insult someone or not, what Tugce has done is a great sign of moral courage and against turning a blind eye to such acts. Sanel M. now too three years in prison condemned – guilty of bodily injury resulting in death under juvenile criminal law. But according to Bild.de, he probably won’t spend three years behind bars. He is credited with his seven-month pre-trial detention and, with good behavior, only has to serve half the time.

Dr. Ulrich Endres, criminal law expert from Frankfurt, in front of Bild.de: “When someone has been convicted by juvenile justice, it is common for someone to check whether the educational effect has been achieved halfway through the prison term. But I doubt that this is also the case in this case, as the case is too popular. In any case, if he handles it well, he will get out after two thirds of the prison sentence if he behaves in an exemplary way. Our thoughts are with family and friends!

How did you experience the Tugce case? What do you think of the verdict?

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