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Tweef: Luna Darko vs. Thinner

Finally, YouTube colleague Taddl made his comments on the subject of meat consumption. He tweeted: “We should all be aware of the importance of the issue of meat consumption and the consumption of animal products. I’m just a disgusting hippie moral apostle who doesn’t want to get involved in the death of other sentient beings, aaaaaber … Even if you don’t care about animal life, you might care about all the beautiful places on earth. It is the absolute truth that industrial agriculture affects rainforests and the climate, and therefore our planet as well. The fact is: if we want to continue living on this planet as we know it, we must. At some point we will begin to do without meat. In short, it can be said: intensive livestock consumes too much space and water and generates too many greenhouse gases. By the way, intensive farming is supported not only by the consumption of meat, but also by the purchase of other animal products. Free-range breeding could be possible for reasons of space By the way, never satisfy everyone’s demand, the only solution: reduce demand. I myself ate meat and somehow managed to ignore it all. You don’t want it to be true, I know. But it is true. I know that for most people eating meat is the most normal thing (for me it was too), but at some point you have to question it. I’ve never heard an argument in favor of eating meat that makes any sense and goes beyond self-justification. When I ate meat myself, I couldn’t justify myself to vegetarians either. I get upset. You can’t say anything except: “I don’t care about any of that.” And I doubt anyone really cares. The fact that vegans lack important nutrients that can only be found in meat, milk, and eggs is more of a joke than an argument. When I read something like iron deficiency, I have to smile for a moment as I pour my hummus bun. If you are a carnivore who likes to enjoy fast food (like me), you shouldn’t be talking about nutrients anyway. By the way, industrial agriculture has only been around for about 50 years. And now look at what kind of point has already been reached. Anyone who has just a few boring jokes on the subject is denying the biggest problems humanity has ever faced. “Animals eat each other too” Yes, that’s true. Animals cannot see the effects or the alternatives either. Also, no animal in the world (except humans) demands so much meat that you have to cut down the damn jungle for it. You can also see the whole thing away from any value – the fact is, we are screwing the planet to pieces right now. Some now feel personally attacked because I have criticized the consumption of meat. Sorry, but I like the land. This is how it is. For me, it is not about affirming my views, but much more about preserving the beauty of our home planet. I don’t want anyone to feel guilty, but I hope to show myself how important this matter is to all of us. “