Twilight 3: Eclipse - muerde la puesta de sol

Twilight 3: Eclipse – bite into the sunset

Twilight 3: Eclipse - bite into the sunset

The theatrical release of Part 2 of the Twilight saga “New Moon – Bite at noon” It’s not long since we can wait for the third movie: The First Set Design. “Eclipse – Bite to the Sunset”(Theatrical release in Germany: July 15, 2010) And the teaser poster has been released!

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What is Eclipse about?

Bella (Kristen Stewart) sits between the chairs: on the one hand, she is now an integral part of the Cullen clan through her love for Edward (Robert Pattinson), on the other hand, she can live without a werewolf friend Jakob (Taylor Lautner ) I no longer imagine. But that Edward vs. Jacob’s Problem is a dilemma compared to what is rolling towards Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. Because the nasty Victoria steps in to fight for the loss of James (Twilight – Until Dawn) avenge. Suddenly, a bunch of newborn vampires show up in Seattle, all under Victoria’s control. You need a plan. But how are the Cullens going to compete against so many newborns and a smart Victoria? Will the werewolves help? And what about the Volturi, who are guaranteed not to be thrilled that a horde of young vampires will reveal their secret? Last but not least, will Bella approve of Edward’s proposal? Questions about questions that those of you who have read the Twilight saga can safely answer …

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