Crepúsculo 4: ¡Hace calor!

Twilight 4: It’s hot!

Twilight 4: It's hot!

Werewolf Paul, played by Alex Meraz (25), reveals: “Even more abs and even more oil that really shows the muscles”, we’ll get mad in Twilight 4: Breaking Dawn. And not only on screen, but also in private life, werewolves compete for who has the sexiest body. A careful comparison is made of who has the widest arms and who has the most defined abdominal muscles. “We have introduced a kind of optional shirt policy on set,” then Alex Meraz continues. This means that the cast can walk topless on set between scenes. This is good news for everyone in New Orleans!

It will also be exciting for Bella, also known as Kristen Stewart (20). The crew of “Twilight 4: Breaking Dawn” is looking for a wedding dress with a lot of pressure. Stephenie Meyer, author of the best-selling novels, gave very precise guidelines in her texts: Bella Swan’s dress should be classic, elegant and traditional.. You want to adhere to these guidelines. Kristen Stewart may have different ideas about her perfect dress, but the final decision is up to the author.

Maybe Kristen Stewart should get used to the idea of ​​walking around in a sari soon. The American actress gave him a gift, according to Indian newspapers “OK” For him Participation in a Bollywood movie. The actress is said to star in one alongside Hrithik Roshan (an Indian superstar) Remake of “Romeo and Juliet” play. Unfortunately, there is no statement from Kisten!

Can you imagine Kristen in a Bollywood movie? And which werewolf do you find hotter next to Jacob?