Dos hombres y medio: La guerra de las rosas en ProSieben

Two and a Half Men: War of the Roses in ProSieben

Two and a Half Men: War of the Roses in ProSieben

Soon with Ashton Kutcher

wantedon December 27, 2011 | 13:00

Divorce is often a dirty business. Of course, it is no different with “Two and a Half Men.” If you want to know how Charlie and Alan are doing: Tune in to ProSieben at 8:15 pm today!

The New “Two and a Half Men”: Ashton Kutcher, Jon Cryer, Angus T. Jones

The still wife Judith causes trouble. In order not to stand up to their demands helplessly and have a better stake in Jake’s custody fight, Alan begins looking for an attorney. And find: divorce attorney Laura. However, he fears that Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen) may be more damaging to Alan and Jake. To put it briefly: she thinks Charlie is a bad Casanova, whose reputation and women’s stories could make a bad impression in court. It happens as it should: Laura asks Charlie for a personal interview. And soon ends up in bed with Casanova himself. Is Alan’s concern so beneficial in the custody battle? What if Jake has to leave the crazy house of “Two and a Half Men” …? He’ll find out tonight at 8.15pm.

“Two and a Half Men”: starting January 10 with Ashton Kutcher

After this episode of “Two and a Half Men” called “Ask Your Brother,” ProSieben airs another four episodes as reruns. All Ashton Kutcher fans can look forward to the fact that on January 10, 2012 the time has come: Ashton will have his first appearance in “Two and a Half Men” on German television. After the adventures of Charlie Sheen, his character Charlie Harper was cut or killed, the actor expelled and replaced by Ashton Kutcher. He plays the suicidal internet billionaire Walden Schmidt, whose life Alan saved.

By the way, Ashton Kutcher also has to deal with the issue of divorce. Both later in “Two and a Half Men” and in real life: Demi Moore’s marriage ended forever.

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