Dos nuevos relojes inteligentes: Suunto 7 (Wear OS) y Withings ScanWatch

Two new smartwatches: Suunto 7 (Wear OS) and Withings ScanWatch

Two new smartwatches: Suunto 7 (Wear OS) and Withings ScanWatch

There are new smart watches for the beginning of the new week. With Suunto 7, a new Wear OS device and the Withings Scanwatch offer more for your health.

At the beginning of the new week there are also new wearables from the first manufacturers. The Suunto 7, a watch equipped with Wear OS, has already been introduced. It is a watch with a Snapdragon 3100 processor, which also has GPS (Glonass, Galileo) and a round OLED screen (454 x 454 pixels). Suunto is also available here in Germany, the product page of the new Smartwatch reveals the local price of a still hefty € 479.

Suunto places the 50mm watch somewhere between sport and wearable lifestyle. If you are away from home and use permanently built-in location recognition, the battery should last at least 12 hours. Therefore, the watch is very suitable for athletes. With the integrated NFC you can also pay via Google Pay and the watch is waterproof (ATM 5).

Withings Scanwatch: More for Your Health

Withings watches are still hybrids. With the new Scanwatch, the wearable device maker is taking the next step, according to its own website. “Cutting-edge medical technology has been carefully selected to create the most health-conscious watch ever offered to the public: a combined SpO2 and heart rate sensor, 3 electrodes and an altimeter with a battery that lasts up to 30 days.

In addition to the classic tracking of your activities, the Withings Scanwatch also has a much better view of your sleep and your heart. Scanwatch reports, for example, irregular heartbeats. The watch can even recognize sleep apnea. The standards for Withings watches include a long battery life, a small display for smart functions, and a high quality of workmanship. You can also swim with it.