Jefe encubierto: El primer episodio

Undercover Boss: The First Episode

New RTL documentary show

wantedon 03/28/2011 | 16:22

RTL has launched a new documentary show with “Undercover Boss.” Starting today, four episodes show how the head of the company mixes with the employees. Starts at 9:15 p.m.

Eismann’s Mika Ramm infiltrates

Attention employees, the boss is one of you now. With “Undercover Boss,” RTL brings a new real documentary to the evening’s show. Increasingly, company managers only care about numbers, profits, and the board of directors; employees and employees probably haven’t seen them for a long time. “Undercover Boss” allows bosses to infiltrate your workforce anonymously and only reveal their true colors in the end.

After the end of the new episodes of “Rach, der Restauranttester”, RTL fills the Monday night program with the new documentary program “Undercover Boss”. Starting tonight, four episodes will be broadcast in which RTL accompanies various companies. The first episode of “Undercover Boss” with businessman Mika Ramm and the Eismann company begins at 9:15 pm.

Image Source: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius