Enfermedad desconocida: esta es la razón por la que una mujer tuvo dolor durante las relaciones sexuales durante años

Unknown disease – this is why a woman had pain during sex for years

Unknown disease - this is why a woman had pain during sex for years

Savannah Magruder was 13 when she first noticed something was wrong. After trying to insert a tampon into her vagina during her period, she cried out in pain. She didn’t want to experience that feeling ever again, so she decided to use sanitary pads, not the end of the world, she thought. But then the day came when she had sex for the first time and the pain from hell returned. She was 17 at the time and thought this pain was normal too. After all, it was his first time.

Endometriosis: all the facts about uterine disease

Without daring to say anything, she endured the terrible pain of sex for years. She never enjoyed it. He was always hoping that maybe it would get better with time. “I forced myself to have sex, the pain was unbearable. But I wanted to be a normal girl “, she tells in an interview with Self magazine. Only after many different visits to the doctor did he get the final diagnosis: She suffers from vaginismus.

Vaginismus: what is it?

Unfortunately, Savannah is not the only one experiencing this pain during sex. It is estimated that about 15 to 30 percent of all women suffer from vaginismus. But the scary thing is that this number can be much higher, since many women are silent about their pain and do not go to the doctor. But how does this pain arise? If you have vaginismus, the entrance to the vagina is very sensitive. Thus, when the penis is inserted (sometimes just the finger or a tampon is enough), the pelvic and vaginal floor muscles immediately contract, which is the cause of the disease.