Vodafone: Tarifas promocionales actuales con más volumen de datos que las nuevas tarifas de noviembre

Unlimited data volume 24 hours a day: the new Vodafone DataPush option

Vodafone: Current promotional rates with more data volume than the new rates for November

Vodafone offers a new option for its own mobile phone customers. For a few euros, the data volume remains unlimited for a total of 24 hours.

Vodafone now wants to push an option for smartphone rates, thanks to which customers can browse mobile for 24 hours without limited data volume. Telekom has been offering a comparable option for a long time, but recently had repeatedly experimented with data volume and price. Today it is the case that for just under € 6 there is an option that is valid for 24 hours, with which we can navigate unlimitedly on mobile phones with LTE on the go.

DataPush is new

The basically identical option on Vodafone costs just 4 cents more. DataPush is the name of the option that can be reserved at any time and is available to customers with Red, Young, Smart or DataGo rates. This option can only be used in Germany; can be booked more often per month. In fact, whenever you need it. I use it even on long days when I’m out of the way.

These options can be booked on Vodafone through the app, among other things.

Another novelty: the DataPush rate option – this gives you 24 hours of unlimited data volume. There is also something new with prepayment: € 20 is the new level of convenience recharge through automatic direct debit.

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