Desenmascarado: los usuarios de iPhone son más superficiales que los usuarios de Android

Unmasked: iPhone users are shallower than Android users

Show me your smartphone and I’ll tell you who you are: the mobile shows the owner’s personality traits. A study from the University of Lincoln has found that iPhone owners think differently from Android users. 240 cell phone owners were surveyed and the result is surprising. So it turned out that iPhone users are on average more superficial than owners of Samsung and company phones! Also, Android users are more modest, but that’s less surprising because the iPhone is so much more expensive. Another point surprised us: Android users should be much friendlier and less outgoing. And with the distance!

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There are also differences between iPhone users and Android owners when it comes to flirting!

Dating portal Match also examined the differences between iPhone and Android users. 5500 singles from the United States between 18 and 70 years participated. The cell phone has a big impact, because on a first date flirting partners check which device you have. Android users have a 15 times worse impression of their date when they pull an iPhone out of their pocket. The reverse is even more apparent: Android users are 21 times less likely with iPhone owners.