Hasta el final de la noche

Until the end of the night

Until the end of the night

Stephenie Meyer’s fourth and final vampire novel is in the original version (Sunrise) available since August 2008, but the German translation is only available now. And at the right time, that is, for Valentine’s Day (February 14)! Without revealing too much, because we don’t want to spoil the tension – here’s a brief summary of the story

A happy year, but also a painful one, is behind Bella and Edward. But now everything seems to be going well. OR? Not quite, because Bella has made up her mind. For “eternal life.” But how will that affect your friendship with Jacob? Also, Bella and Edward’s wedding night was not so lucky. So it’s still exciting …

Basic informationBella and Edward Volume 4: Until the End of the Night by Stephenie Meyer

published by Carlsen Verlag Hardcover 24.90 euros

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