Prepago: Próximamente empezará la tarifa anual con 5G en la mejor red por menos de 100 euros

Upcoming mobile phone cracker: 20GB LTE rate on sale (can be canceled monthly)

Prepaid: The annual rate with 5G on the best network will start soon for less than 100 euros

Rate campaign started: For a price of only € 19.99 per month. There is the largest tariff with 20GB of data volume for interested smartphone owners.

After triggered its first blast a few days ago and reduced the tariff for the smartphone with 10 GB LTE to just € 9.99, the next hammer follows only a few days later. The 10 + 10 GB rate, which has been improved for a short time, is also available from the Drillisch brand. For a monthly price of only € 19.99, there is a bonus of an additional 10 GB of data volume each month on the LTE All 10 tariff. Makes a monthly included data volume of 20 GB for new tariff customers. All additional details can be found below or you can click directly on the offer.

20 for 20: generous smartphone rate on sale

  • 20GB data volume
  • LTE 50, Telefónica network
  • Allnet flat rate for telephony and SMS
  • EU roaming flat rate
  • Monthly: € 19.99
  • One-time (hardware, AP, shipping): € 9.99 *
  • € 10 bonus for number portability

* An implementation price of almost € 10 is only paid if the monthly cancellable variant of the rate is selected. Those who opt for a longer term do not have to pay a provisioning fee. The new “special offer” is initially available to interested readers until January 3.

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