Google Meet obtiene un diseño de estilo zoom con hasta 16 participantes

[Update] Google looks like it will soon completely bury Hangouts

Google Meet gets a zoom-style layout with up to 16 participants

Google Hangouts is no longer a problem for private customers, but Hangouts still exist in the professional sector. That too will end soon.

Google removed Hangouts Messenger for private clients some time ago, but continues to offer appropriately named professional tools. But now there is news that, incidentally, speaks of a future without Hangouts in Google. Quite indirectly it was reported on the special G-Suite pages that the Hangouts brand would go down in history this year. Hangouts Meet becomes Google Meet. There is no such direct advertisement, but Google has started to change the name for a long time. The help forum is a bit confusing right now.

Google Meet instead of Hangouts Meet

If you look at the competition, the new name makes more sense. As a brand, Google is more in the foreground; this is also the case with Microsoft Teams, for example. Also, Hangouts letters are associated with bad memories and maybe they should be removed.

Hangouts is dead, long live Google.

Update April 10, 2020: Now it seems to be official that Google is canceling the Hangouts brand for the professional sector. In new emails and messages, Google only writes about Google Meet and no longer about Hangouts Meet. The same goes for Google chat.