Vodafone: Tarifas promocionales actuales con más volumen de datos que las nuevas tarifas de noviembre

[UPDATE] Vodafone wants to update the prepaid special and pass the VAT reduction to customers

Vodafone plans to pass on the next VAT reduction to its own customers. There are also signs of a prepaid upgrade.

With the Callya Smartphone Special, Vodafone has always had a very good alternative ready in recent months. The prepaid rate for smartphones offered more and was cheaper than the comparable Telekom product. Now there are signs that Callya’s special rate should be improved. Speaking of which, the name will probably change as well, the “smartphone” in the name of the old fee would be left out in the future.

The prepaid rate offers more for the same price

The following conditions of the new conditions are known:

  • 9.99 euros for 4 weeks
  • Allnet flat rate for SMS / telephony
  • 3 GB data volume per month, LTE Max.
  • EU roaming included
  • 200 units of SMS / telephony for other EU countries
  • Ready for 5G (details unclear)
  • Optimized voice quality (possibly VoLTE and Wifi calls)

Vodafone communicates these conditions, but they are not advertised as a new rate. These may be considerations that have not yet been finalized. For example, it is not yet clear what exactly 5G means. Can you reserve 5G as an option or is access to 5G always included?

Otherwise, I consider the remaining conditions to be very likely.

June 19 update: It is now clear that Callya rates will definitely receive VoLTE. Wifi calls, however, not or at least not for the foreseeable future.

Vodafone announces the impact of reduced VAT

For the rest of the year, the value added tax will be reduced by 3 percent in Germany from 1 July. We generally assume that not much of this will reach customers. Vodafone is one of the companies that promises, however, to let its customers feel the 16 percent value added tax. Vodafone boss Ametsreiter announced this via Twitter. Details are still pending, but prices should be lower. The best would be a price reduction for existing customers.

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