Los peinados Updo con un look rosa son la última tendencia

Updo hairstyles with a pink look are the latest trend

Fantastically beautiful

This spring could not be more beautiful, at least for our heads! Because somehow, right now, one magical new hair trend is chasing the other. But hardly anyone is as magical as these rose look updos.

First it went sugar sweet with Pink Lemonade Hair, then brown hair finally got a pink enhancement, and finally we fell in love with the mystical Bloodmoon Hair. Now there is another look for our heads that we would like to imitate right away. The updos of American stylist Alison Valsamis look like they came straight out of the rose garden.

Not only the delicate pastel pink in which she presents the artistic hairstyles on her website and Instagram account recalls the most beautiful of all flowers. The whole hairstyle is tied in braided strands of different thickness and texture to make them look like the flowers of a rose. And best of all, in an interview with “Allure,” the Connecticut stylist revealed how the look can be recreated.

This is how you achieve the rose updo

If you want the floral style for your own hair, you may want to call a friend who can help you with your hairstyle. Alison Valsamis himself gives the instructions:

“To create the roses, I start with a small braid, usually braided in three strands, which I twist and put in place. This serves as the middle part of the flower. Next, I alternately braid regular and Dutch herringbone braids, separating them for more texture and depth. Finally, I braid a three-strand Dutch braid, in which I only fan the outer strand to simulate the outer flowers of a blooming rose. “

During this process, individual strands are always placed around the inside, already pinned, and fixed with clamps and hairpins. You should only take small parts of your hair and braid and slowly build up several layers. This creates the depth and details that make this hairstyle so special.

But you can’t just mimic this process as a complete look. You can also shape smaller individual flowers, match them with mid-hair, or conjure up romantic space rose buns. There are no limits to your creativity, once you have mastered it.

Even if you or your girlfriend don’t do it as perfectly as Alison (who is a stuntman after all) at first, the braided look is sure to look great. After all, roses aren’t always perfect or they don’t always look exactly the same.