Use Darknet en Android: así es como funciona

Use Darknet on Android: this is how it works

Use Darknet on Android: this is how it works


Even on Android devices, you can easily browse the Darknet and search the depths of the web. A nice side effect: Anonymous browsing on the WWW! Here you can read how and with what it works.

How does access to the Darknet work?

First of all, it must be clear how access to the Darknet actually works. On the PC, simply download the Tor browser and the connection will be established; with Android it is almost as easy. To enter the Darknet you need three things: an application that establishes the connection to the Tor network, a browser that allows your traffic to flow through this application, and finally, special web addresses for Darknet websites.

The first application simply works as a proxy server: the browser connects to this intermediary proxy server, which in turn sends the really desired address to the outside world, and in turn forwards the result (the website) to the browser. On Windows, this is done with a single package, but it basically has the same structure, which is why the Tor software was previously called the Tor Browser Bundle.

Install apps

The two applications you will need are Orbot for door access and Tor Browser for Android (Alpha) as a browser. You can already see from the name that the browser is still an alpha version, basically long before a state that normal users should productively work with. This official Tor browser just came out recently. Alternatively there is with Orfox but also a browser that was not developed by the Tor project, but has been officially recommended in recent years. At some point, Tor Browser for Android will replace Orfox, but for now you can still rely on the long-established alternative. Orfox is currently scheduled to be retired in 2019 as soon as a stable version of the Tor project’s own official browser is released.

First install Orbot via APK download ( or Google Play ( = org If you choose manual APK download, remember that installation of applications from “insecure sources” must be enabled in Android settings. We explain how to install APK files on Android here.

Then install the official Torbrowser for Android as a browser via Google Play ( or Orfox as APK (https: // www . or again via Play (

The official Tor browser is still an alpha version.


Since Tor & Co. is primarily about anonymity and security, here’s a tip if you don’t want to install manually via APK files or Google: Alternative F-Droid app store only offers open source apps, which generally protects against advertising, malware, or unwanted payment “features”. Of course, F-Droid is not available on Google and must be installed as an APK, but it’s worth it! After installation, you should go to “Package settings / sources” the fountain “Guardian Project official announcementsYou can then use the search function to find both the Tor and Orbot browsers. By the way, Orfox and Orbot come from Project Guardian.

Establish and verify the connection

After both tools are installed, start Orbot first. Basically, you don’t have to do anything other than tap the “start button” on the large gray onion. Establishing the actual connection may take a few seconds and may also require 20 to 30 seconds of patience.

Once the connection is established, you can swipe the message screen from the top of the screen to view the details. Here you can see exactly which nodes the Tor connection is routed to.

With Orbot, all you have to do is turn it on and off; no configuration is required.


Then open the Tor browser. Orfox will take you directly to the Tor test page, in Tor Browser for Android (Alpha) you can open the page manually. Tor responds, if everything works, with a simple “Congratulations. This browser is configured to use Tor ”. and it also shows your IP address.

You can use the IP address to test if everything is really fine, because that is exactly the point of the connection – you have a different IP address than the outside world. If you now open a page like on your PC, for example, you should see a different IP address, and also a different country.

Therefore, you can already browse anonymously; in practice, you are now quite safe while traveling. Of course, not one hundred percent: Of course, Tor has general weaknesses, evil secret services could infiltrate (small) parts of the network, and your smartphone could still be tracked via GPS and cellular networks. But do not be fooled: you read something like this here and there and technically / theoretically everything is correct, but the effort would be enormous, in the sense of dozens of technicians and field workers of the security authorities, hundreds of hours of work, orders judicial and, of course, several tens of thousands of euros. . In practice, you can still feel safe and most of all anonymous with Tor.

Orbot displays the connection details in the notification area.


Call up the pages of the darknet

But you don’t really want to browse the WWW anonymously, you just want to use the Darknet. Darknet pages are just normal websites that are not on the “normal” web, that is, essentially on the WWW, but exclusively on servers on the Tor network. Unfortunately, URLs don’t look as good there as they do on the WWW, and finding them is also more difficult because there are search engines, but their quality can’t even keep up with Google’s predecessors like Altavista.

So you need an entry point: the closest thing to a Google search is probably Torch, which you can access at http://xmh57jrzrnw6insl.onion. Darknet links have the domain “onion” instead of “from”, “com” or something similar. That is why onion links or pages are often talked about. These don’t work in the normal browser, only in the Tor browser; normal communication or decompression links work everywhere.

By the way, don’t be surprised if onion links don’t work or take a long time, unfortunately this is typical. Speed ​​on the Tor network fluctuates wildly and many sites go offline fairly quickly, especially illegal offers.

A word of advice at the end: Orbot also has a switch for a “VPN mode”: if you turn it on, all data traffic is routed through a virtual private network (VPN), meaning all your apps are only streamed anonymous, but only still at gate speed …

The page in Chrome: once with Orbot VPN and once without.