Use Google Calendar en Android: así es como funciona

Use Google Calendar on Android – this is how it works


Google Calendar is a great way to organize your personal schedule. Above all, the interaction between the web service and the Android smartphone works as one piece in practice: if you add an appointment on the smartphone, it is displayed seamlessly in the web interface and vice versa.

When using Google Calendar on Android, you can choose from a wide range of compatible applications. We will focus on that in this guide. official google appIt runs on all smartphones running Android version 4.1 or later. If it is not installed on your Android yet, please install Google Calendar through the Google Play Store.

The main functions of Google Calendar for Android

Google Calendar greets you with Schedule Summary. Here you can see all the upcoming appointments in a list view. Touch that Top left menuto reveal the options.

You can view your appointments in different views.


Here you can switch between different views. The 3-day and week views are especially handy. Here, the Google Calendar clearly lists all the upcoming appointments along with the start and end times. Useful: you can Easily move appointments in these views. To do this, simply press and hold the relevant entries and move them to the new position.

At Settings (accessible via the link below on the left) set the Google calendar features more to your needs. Here you determine, for example, the day on which the week view starts, set the standard duration for new appointments or display the calendar weeks.

In the settings, you determine exactly how the Google Calendar should act.


Create appointments in Google Calendar

It only takes a few steps to create a new appointment in your Google Calendar:

1st step:

Tap at the bottom right Plus symbol. Alternatively, you can also touch a time on the calendar in agenda view and touch the displayed plus sign. In the menu that appears, select the command “meeting“.


2nd step:

Assign one in the appointment editor Title For the appointment. You also have the option to have one Contact or one site to be entered. The calendar automatically suggests contacts from your address book.


3rd step:

Then touch the top date lineto set the date and time of the appointment. Optionally, you can also do Set the end of the appointment. This is particularly useful in the day or week view of the calendar. If the appointment lasts all day, turn the switch “All day“around.


4th step:

Reminders are one of the most practical functions of the calendar. Tap on “Notifications“To specify when and how to use Google Calendar remind you of upcoming appointments should. By default, the smartphone vibrates ten minutes before the appointment. Tap on “Add notification“To change that. You can choose to insert a different time or additional notifications. In addition to the message from the smartphone, the calendar can also send an email to your Google address.


5th step:

In addition to the basic functions, you can now define other options, such as the Coloure, in which the citation should appear in the abstract. You also have the option Invite contacts to the appointment. These are automatically reported by email. Everything fits? Then touch “save money”.


6th step:

The appointment will now appear on your calendar. If you want to change it again later, just tap it and tap the “Pen” icon.