WhatsApp renovado: aparecieron 3 innovaciones más y algunas ya están disponibles

Use on multiple devices: WhatsApp will keep our chats in sync, but it needs WiFi

WhatsApp renewed: 3 more innovations appeared and some are already available

WhatsApp is still working hard to provide support for multiple devices, and now interesting details have come to light.

WhatsApp should finally get support for multiple devices, so that a single account can be accessed on several different devices. It remains true that your smartphone with the corresponding SIM is the primary device, but the WhatsApp account can also be set on other smartphones and tablets. The current situation is on up to four devices at the same time.

Compatibility with multiple WhatsApp devices – Wlan connection absolutely necessary for initial setup

Now more information appears about things that, of course, are important for this. WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption, but active chats should of course be available on other devices. A corresponding sync is planned, but this initially has a slight drawback. For the first stream, we can’t bypass a WiFi connection, another WBI leak reveals.

A corresponding connection seems to be only necessary for the first synchronization when setting up, because a full chat can contain a lot of data and can be correspondingly large. So far it is not clear whether WhatsApp will optionally offer data transfer over mobile internet at some point. Anyone with smaller chats or a contract with a lot or even an unlimited volume of data will surely want to use the mobile connection.

Perhaps this synchronization can finally ensure that the transfer of WhatsApp data from iOS to Android and vice versa is finally easier.

The expected innovation timeline is unclear

At the time of writing this article, it is clear that a WhatsApp account can be used on multiple devices simultaneously in the future. The time for the introduction of these innovations again is not foreseeable; there is no official water level report on this yet. All the above leaks come directly from WhatsApp or from the source code of the latest versions of the application.

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