Samsung-Logo an einem Messestand.

Users are disappointed, the Cartel Office is checking – that’s why Samsung is under attack

Samsung-Logo an einem Messestand.

As the news magazine “Der Spiegel” now reports, Samsung is in the spotlight thanks to its televisions. It is not about the devices themselves or the price agreements with other manufacturers, but about the start menu and spying on you as a user.

As Spiegel reported, portals such as “FlatsPanelsHD” reported a few months ago that Samsung had switched to displaying ads in the home menu of smart TVs. Customer complaints have also been received on the manufacturers forum.

What happened?

If you connect a (new) Samsung TV to the Internet to use the many Smart TV features, you obviously get not only access to Netflix, Youtube and other services, but also advertising. There is talk of large format banners for discount supermarkets and streaming services.

According to Samsung, a total of 30 million televisions can be supplied with advertising. As a user, you cannot disable it. Consequently, customers are upset that they did not consent to this advertising. Also, you don’t need to expect such advertising from a television manufacturer. Things can be different with Amazon and its Fire TV Stick. Der Spiegel quotes a user on the Samsung forum: “This has to end now! It gets more aggressive every month. “

Unfair competition? The Federal Cartel Office examines

As the magazine continues, the Federal Cartel Office has stepped in. A spokesperson told the magazine that “disappearing in this way is an unreasonable nuisance.” It speaks of unfair competition and refers to paragraph 1 of paragraph 7 of the relevant law.

Problem with Samsung’s adware: Samsung Ads is apparently tailor-made for TV users. “With our first-hand data and automatic content recognition (ACR), we are able to generate a high level of measurability, robust insights, and accurate analytics that can positively impact business results.” So do you spy on viewers’ viewing habits to deliver targeted advertising? And that without the possibility of deactivation? According to Samsung, televisions not only analyze movies and series broadcast online, but also video games and linear television.

Samsung was not explained at the request of the Spiegel. For you, as a user, there is no easy way to suppress advertisements. Only if your router allows you to blacklist certain domains, you can prevent the router from calling advertisements. You can find instructions on Reddit.

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