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Valentina Pahde shows off her tight bikini bottoms

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Hot ass

“GZSZ” star Valentina Pahde is currently showing on Instagram that not only a beautiful back can delight. To be precise, a firm butt can do that too. During her vacation in the Maldives, the actress shows completely new faces of herself.

Why be stingy with encouragement? Valentina Pahde may have thought that too and posted a very special photo of herself on Instagram. Alone in a tight pink bikini and a large sun hat, she poses in front of the camera. His face, and therefore his entire front body, are facing the sea that he is looking at. But it doesn’t matter, because the downsides are definitely worth seeing. “I feel like in paradise,” he comments in the celestial snapshot. According to her hashtags, she is currently in the Maldives, and not alone. She is accompanied by her friend Raúl Richter, who apparently intervened as a photographer in this case.

She quickly posted another snapshot of her blonde beauty on her page. Valentina Pahde is lying on the beach, playing with her feet in the water and here she is not wearing a shirt either. But the “GZSZ” actress knows how to cover herself skillfully. So she lets her hair fall over her breasts and she has put the sun hat on her face so much that it also covers part of her bust.

Hello Popöchen

Valentina Pahde and Raul Richter definitely seem to be enjoying their vacation and are getting a lot of encouragement from their fans. “Very nice photo,” praises an Instagram follower and adds: “Topless, have fun. Everybody needs that, a good rest at the stand ”. Others want to know where the beauty of “GZSZ” got her sun hat or praise the enviable figure of the actress.

Anyway: we think the two snapshots are great and we are very jealous of Valentina Pahde because she is currently enjoying a break in the Maldives. But if you work hard, you definitely deserve a dream vacation!

Image Source: Matthias Nareyek / Getty Images for Baldessarini