La muñeca mujer Valeria es irreconocible

Valeria woman doll is unrecognizable

Valeria woman doll is unrecognizable


Daniel Schmidton 03/17/2016 | 11:07

Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova became a world celebrity with her unusual style. Also known as human Barbie, she surprises with a look that we have never seen before: without makeup!

Blue contact lenses over naturally green eyes, hydrogen blonde hair, and an extremely unnatural figure that supposedly only has breasts. This is how we meet Valeria Lukyanova. Since winning the “Miss Diamond Crown of the World” international beauty pageant in 2007, she has been an absolute superstar with hundreds of thousands following her on Facebook, Instagram and co.

The 30-year-old will do anything to look like the iconic Barbie doll. To date, she has hardly been seen wearing a look other than the perfect blonde that has made the hearts of girls around the world beat faster for decades. It’s even more surprising that the social media celebrity posted a selfie on her Facebook page in which she doesn’t appear to be wearing the slightest bit of makeup.

Less is more

It is true that Valeria Lukyanova’s thin facial skin is not so bare in this picture either. However, it is an extreme difference with normally made-up eyes. She also obviously doesn’t wear her artificial blue contact lenses here. For comparison: Valeria otherwise looks like a mask:

Valeria owes her fame to her extreme style and in some ways it is a certain art form. People seem to like it, as his numerous followers show. Perhaps part of your spiritual development is that you are slowly returning to a more natural appearance. Valeria works as an out-of-body experiences coach.

Image Source: GettyImages / S. Alemdar