"Vampire Diaries": ¿Qué está leyendo Damon?

“Vampire Diaries”: What is Damon reading?

Sadomasochistic vampire

Soon the eighth and final season of “Vampire Diaries” will begin in the United States. The perfect occasion to get fans in the mood for the final episodes with another trailer. And the last clip is really difficult, because: Damon comes out as a fan of a series of slippery novels …

Sure, whoever lives an immortal existence on earth as a vampire can get bored. So why not break out of any routine and, funnily enough, get involved in something new? Watch out, spoilers: maybe that’s why Damon is flipping through an issue of “Fifty Shades of Gray” with a mischievous grin in the latest “Vampire Diaries” trailer. One thing is certain: the bloodsucker has lost his composure while reading, while chaos seems to reign around him.

Because Stefan and Bonnie are desperately searching for Damon, and the vampire Enzo also seems to have disappeared without a trace. The latter tries to evade the control of the monster in the armory crypt, but is already floating in a threatening position above an opening in the ground in which it appears to be boiling a kind of bloodbath. “When it ends? How many bodies [brauchst du noch]until you’re full, ”Enzo yells. Only then is it clear: Damon is with Enzo, looks up from his slick reading, and kicks his friend into the blood red broth.

Is producer Julie Plec jokingly telling the SM franchise?

Apparently, the nonchalant inclusion of “Fifty Shades of Gray” at the start of the season of “Vampire Diaries” is a lighthearted blow to EL James and the film adaptations of his novels. After all, Damon’s actor Ian Somerhalder has long been traded for the role of Christian Gray. In any case, fans are having a great time in the comments section on Facebook, where the trailer was published, about the scene.

We couldn’t help but smile as we watched and we’re already looking forward to the first episode of the latest season of “Vampire Diaries.”

Image Source: Getty Images / Mike Windle