¡La palidez vampírica está de moda!

Vampiric paleness is in!

Vampiric paleness is in!

Sales of pale makeup have skyrocketed since the Twilight sequel “New Moon” hit theaters. How femalefirst.co.uk reported, the 200% sales of foundations, concealers and ultra-gloss powders. have increased. Just the nuance “Ivory pink “ of the True Match makeup of L’Oreal Paris it is up 133%.

What do you say? Has the Twilight and New Moon hype caught you in such a way that you put on makeup differently than usual? Or do you feel like doing Twilight makeup now?

How do you do a great Twilight look?

1. Seductive twilight gaze

This variant relies on the delicate contrasts between a fair complexion and the mysterious dark eye makeup.First hElle foundationInstruct. Then, on the eyelid to just beyond the outer corner of the eye. silver gray eyeshadow for delivery. A fine one at the top and bottom of the eyelid margin.black eyeliner pull and lashes tight Volume mascara Then lips with one dark violet transparent glitter emphasize. Just the outside of the cheek with a Touch of blush pollinate.What do you need for this?– Eyeshadow in dark gray-silver- Transparent lip gloss in very dark violet- Black mascara for mega-volume- Blush in delicate shades of rosewood- Smoky black, soft eyeliner pencil

2. Mystical Twilight Makeup

Strong contours make Twilight makeup look particularly mystical. You have to be careful when putting on makeup so that nothing is stained with this striking look.

First the lip contours with one midnight blue eyeliner retighten exactly.

Then the inside of the lips with the dark red lipstick or one Lipstick color in. To add a touch of drama to the look, you can do something red blush put on the inner and outer corner of the eye.

What do you need for this look?– Dark Red Cream Lipstick – Light Concealer – Red Powder Blush – Light Powder – Midnight Blue Eyeliner Pencil – Deep Black Mascara – Shimmering Purple Nail Polish

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