Vanessa Hudgens estaba en el look gótico

Vanessa Hudgens was in the goth look

Vanessa Hudgens was in the goth look

Gothic look

wantedthe 27/08/2014 | 10:03

Hardly a day goes by that Vanessa Hudgens doesn’t upload a fancy photo of herself to Instagram. Her clothes vary according to her mood, but her style never goes unnoticed. Vanessa Hudgens revealed in an interview that this has not always been the case, but that she once had a soft spot for the goth look in her youth.

Playful, sexy or hippie look – Vanessa Hudgens has discovered many styles on her own and loves fashion staging. With so much self-confidence, who would think that things were completely different at puberty? Hard to believe, but true: Vanessa Hudgens didn’t want to turn heads as a teenager and thus she hid behind a goth girl facade so that the boys would not notice her.

Vanessa Hudgens is a confident young woman today

Most teens go through a time when they are uncomfortable with their own skin.After all, nothing is what it used to be. Even Hollywood stars are apparently not immune to this, which is why acting star Vanessa Hudgens also found herself unattractive and apparently preferred to be overlooked, especially by the opposite sex. “Finding yourself and staying true to yourself” was the biggest challenge for her as a teenagerVanessa Hudgens told “Flaunt” magazine and also revealed, “I had a phase where I didn’t want guys to look at me.”Vanessa Hudgens: Today she is more confident

Vanessa Hudgens saw the solution back then in a very grim presentation: the goth look. This apparently allowed the now 25-year-old to withdraw and not necessarily look attractive to children. If you look at the beautiful actress today, it’s hard to believe that it should ever have worked. Fortunately, Vanessa Hudgens has passed the discreet phase: “I love being myself. It is difficult to be yourself, you have to look inside yourself and perceive painful truths. But breaking free from the judgment of others feels great. ”

Ignoring other people’s opinions is a lesson everyone should learn throughout their lives. How nice that Vanessa Hudgens is confident in herself and at peace with herself today and wearing what she likes. The queen of fashion has become a role model for many young girls. If Vanessa Hudgens reappears as a goth girl, it won’t be to hide, but to make a conscious statement.

Image Source: Getty Images / Mike Windle