Vanessa en "Bestial"

Vanessa in "Bestial"

Vanessa in "Bestial"

Vanessa Hudgens is back: Check out the article from her latest movie “Beastly”!

And that’s what “Bestial”: Kyle kingson (Alex Pettyfer) He has it all – he’s handsome, smart, successful, rich, and the coolest and most popular kid in school. He’s not a jolly guy, all of which makes him quite an unpleasant guy: Kyle is constantly bullying and humiliating outsiders. But one day he lets his haughty manners slip away with the wrong person: goth girl Kendra. (Mary-Kate Olsen)which is actually a witch. She turns Kyle into a repulsive creature and casts a curse on him: he has to find a girl who loves him despite his appearance within a year, otherwise he will remain in that state for the rest of his life … Kyle intervenes Eye on beautiful (Vanessa Hudgens). Can he win her heart and break the curse with him?

By the way, sexy Alex Pettyfer looks really creepy in the movie. Revealed in an interview with Collider Vanessa, how she reacted when she first saw her co-star as “The Beast”:“It was weird. It was really, really strange. They kept it a secret from me for as long as they could. And then one night they called me to come over, he was in the director’s car. I was literally among them Shock. I didn’t know what to say or do. He just looked at me and didn’t say a word. It was really creepy, but fascinating at the same time. It was sexy and fascinating. It was great “.

In the video you can already choose great scenes. “Bestial” and check out Alex Pettyfer’s dream boy potential. You are going to see the movie

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Comes at the end of July “Bestial” with Vanessa Hudgens and Alex Pettyfer in American theaters. Unfortunately, there is no start date for Germany yet.

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