Vanessa Mai: Toda la red ahora está hablando de esta foto de Instagram

Vanessa Mai: The whole network is now talking about this Instagram photo

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Vanessa Mai appears on Instagram without Photoshop

These optical lies should be over, because now you want to expose the truth with an Instagram post. She posted a photo of herself before and after it was Photoshopped. In the photo from before you can clearly see that there are many small pimples on the forehead and temple. But after processing, these can hardly be seen. She writes: “Do not be fooled, for many, reality looks different, which is not bad, but I think that, especially today, people of all ages should be supported and encouraged in this world of social media influencers. Some are lucky enough to have totally clean skin. I don’t really have big problems, but I don’t have the best skin either … Tips? No idea! There is no one-size-fits-all solution, everyone has to figure it out for themselves, but I can give you one thing along the way: take it easy, there are worse things and beauty is certainly not defined by that! “