Eine Computertastatur mit einer VDSL-Taste

VDSL 250 on Telekom, O2, 1 & 1 and Vodafone: Who has the best supervector rate?

Eine Computertastatur mit einer VDSL-Taste

First of all, the technology. Connections are based on VDSL. Using various calculation methods, the copper line of the telephone connection can transmit up to 250 Mbit / s in the downstream and up to 40 Mbit / s in the upstream. The standard is called supervectorization. Currently there is no faster way to use copper cables.

Deutsche Telekom has been providing this technology since August last year and has now supplied numerous areas. However, it is possible that the neighbors of a street down the street already have connections with 250 Mbit / s and you do not yet, or vice versa. This is because expansion is done individually for each multifunctional enclosure. This means that only a few hundred households will benefit from the new connections for each expansion step.

Since Telekom also has to offer its connections to the competition as a wholesale service, other providers may also offer these connections on their own terms. Technically, the connections are implemented by Telekom.

The rates

In general, the rates of Telekom and competitors O2, Vodafone and 1 & 1 seem similar at first glance. This is because all providers charge a regular base price of 44.99 euros per month, only Telekom charges a little more at 54.95 euros. The current #This campaign does nothing to change that, with all connections apparently for 19.95 euros. The differences are in the details. Although all providers have a flat rate for calls to the German landline in the tariff, a flat rate for cell phones is only included with O2 and Telekom. Vodafone customers even have to pay a disproportionately high rate of 19.9 cents per minute for a phone call.

Clear differences in new customer offerings

One method that has been practiced for years to win customers is promotional prices for new customers in the first few months of a contract. Of course, these have a direct impact on the actual costs that a customer has to pay. In order for the offers to be comparable during the minimum contract period of two years, inside handy has calculated the arithmetic mean base price during this period.

Currently, Vodafone is clearly ahead of the game with a discount of 30 euros per month in the first year of contract. In arithmetic terms, the connection costs 29.99 euros per month in the first two years. 1 & 1 customers pay arithmetically 34.99 euros. So, if you don’t give much thought to cheap minute prices for your mobile phone, you will at least get low basic costs from these two providers.

O2 1 and 1 Telekom Vodafone

Tariff o2 my Home XL 1 and 1 DSL 250 Home Magenta XL Internet network and DSL 250 phone
Fixed call costs Flat rate Flat rate Flat rate Flat rate
Cell phone call charges Flat rate 19.9 ct / min Flat rate 19.9 ct / min
one-time connection costs 0 Euro (share) 69.95 euros new connection 19.99 euros change 69.95 euros 49.99 euros
Basic costs per month 44.99 euros 44.99 euros 54.95 euros 44.99 euros
Discount for new customers 12 x 10 euros 12 x 20 euros 6 x 35 euros plus 65 euros when booking online 12 x 30 euros
Basic price calculated after 24 months 38.74 euros 34.99 euros 43.49 euros 29.99 euros
Bonus for mobile clients up to 10 euros discount no, but mobile phone rate with flat rate for landline and 1 GB included

MagentaEins, u, .a, 10 euros discount, Steam On HD and double the data volume

GigaKombi, ao additional data volume and a discount of 10 euros on mobile phone contracts
Order here Order here Order here Order here

Connection costs

The costs of providing a connection must also be taken into account. With the newcomer O2, these are currently not even incurred as part of a campaign. With 1 & 1, the deciding factor is whether the customer already has a phone connection with another provider or whether a new connection needs to be made. The difference is just under 50 euros. Telekom generally charges slightly less than 70 euros, Vodafone 50 euros, except when changing rates. However, since the requirements for individual customers are different, these costs are not included in the total inside handy price for two years. By the way, this also applies to possible hardware that customers can rent or order from vendors. To achieve better rate comparability, these costs have not been taken into account. Thanks to the freedom of routers, clients can operate any suitable modem with supervectoring on the connection.

The advantage of the combination

With some providers, additional savings can be made if not only the landline and DSL connections are turned on, but also the cellular connection. The Telekom draws here with Magenta Eins, Vodafone with the GigaKombi and O2 with a combined advantage. The price advantages for customers are up to 10 euros. Also, there are some natural discounts like additional data volume. Only 1 & 1 does not offer its mobile and fixed customers such an advantage. Here, however, the rate includes a 1GB flat rate mobile phone flat rate SIM card.

Who has the best offer to supervector?

Customers who cannot take advantage of a combined benefit with their provider must travel with Vodafone for at least the first two years at a 250 Mbit / s rate. However, you have to live with the fact that calls to German mobile phone networks are expensive. The provision of the connection has an average price of just under 50 euros.

250 Mbit / s without long-term contract

For those who do not want to commit for two years, O2 and 1 & 1 also have offers without contractual obligations in their range. At O2, however, the promotion of new customers is reduced to just six months instead of twelve months at this rate. With 1 & 1, the mobile phone flat rate does not apply in this case. Telekom and Vodafone do not offer short-term contract rates.

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