Venom en lugar de Deadpool: Sony probablemente quiera a Tom Hardy para "El hombre araña 3"

Venom instead of Deadpool: Sony probably wants Tom Hardy for "Spider man 3"

Venom instead of Deadpool: Sony probably wants Tom Hardy for "Spider man 3"

We were surprised by the news that Deadpool is supposed to be in Tom Holland’s third solo movie “Spider-Man.” Now there is a conflicting report from an “Avengers: Endgame” informant.

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As in the Twitter account “Roger wardell“It is to be read Sony absolutely wants Tom Hardy’s Venom to meet Tom Holland in the still-untitled “Spider-Man 3”. An appearance by Deadpool, which was circulating, is not planned. The cheeky mercenary played by Ryan Reynolds is not planned as part of the MCU, but he will have his own movies (in which he will probably poke fun at the MCU).

Now, of course, one may wonder why any Twitter account should serve as a reporting source. This is due to the past of this particular Twitter account. Already in December, almost half a half before the theatrical release, exclusive and very specific information about “Avengers: Endgame” was revealed, which could not be found anywhere else and which later turned out to be true. Whoever is behind the Twitter account with the name “Roger Wardell” has definitely had insider information, at least in the past, that shows they are close to Marvel’s inner circle.

Therefore, we believe that this information is credible for the moment. Of course, there is no official confirmation, but currently it seems much more likely than the latest Deadpool rumor.

First of all, the focus is on “Spider-Man: Far From Home”, which will be released in German theaters on July 4, 2019.. After the successor to “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” Disney, Marvel and Sony should first decide what the cooperation looks like.

We present to you Carnage, the villain of “Venom 2”