¿Muy grueso?  Fata se defiende

Very thick? Fata fights back

Very thick?  Fata fights back

But for Germany’s next top model candidate, Fata these accusations do not go at all. Because the model now defends herself with a post on Instagram against nasty newspaper reports: “That’s really fun, you can never please the press. If you’re thin, they say you’re emaciated. If you drink Coca-Cola they say Diet boycott“And also:” I have to be honest, I don’t even know how a diet works or how to calculate calories. Thanks to mom and dad for the good genes. ” With yours Criticism of media reports Fata is absolutely right. After all, the most important thing for models is their health. With her attitude, Fata is, unlike many slim models, a good role model for other girls. Because sometimes even disciplined models feel like a coke or a greasy pizza.