Victoria Beckham lucha contra el VIH

Victoria Beckham fights HIV

Victoria Beckham fights HIV

On a UN mission

wantedon October 16, 2014 | 16:39

It is a big mistake to think that Victoria Beckham would spend all day with herself and her style. On the contrary: Victoria Beckham was recently named a UN Special Envoy. Now he started his first business trip to South Africa.

If it’s been in the headlines so far it’s been almost exclusively about fashion shows or her marriage to David Beckham – Victoria Beckham is a mystery because she reveals little about herself and her thinking and if she appears in front of the camera then it does. she is appearing as an advertisement for her work as a designer. But Victoria Beckham has also matured. In the future, he will dedicate himself to a much more meaningful task, because the wife of footballer David Beckham wants to help make the world a little better.

Victoria Beckham is now UN special envoy

Victoria Beckham managed not to disappear from the limelight even after her run with the Spice Girls. As a fashion designer, she established herself in the world of fashion. Until now, she has mainly used her level of consciousness to promote her fashion, but now Victoria Beckham has realized that she can also use her presence in the media to draw attention to the problems of the world.

Victoria Beckham declares war on HIV

During a trip to South Africa, Victoria Beckham met mothers who were carrying the life-threatening HIV virus. According to “”, I first needed this encounter to understand that it has an influence on people: “I have a voice that people listen to and I take this responsibility very seriously”So Vic in an interview with the magazine. Victoria Beckham is currently working in Africa for the UNAIDS and Elton John AIDS Foundation campaign and therefore fighting for more HIV-free births.

Victoria Beckham has understood that she can also pursue a good cause with her fame and now works as a UN special envoy, hoping to one day defeat the HI virus. A big change that earns you a lot of sympathy points!

Image Source: Getty Images / Stuart Wilson